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Past Gigs:

November 2017:Band:
5th NovemberDo$ch
12th NovemberJohn Verity Band
19th NovemberAmelia Carter Band
26th NovemberAsh Wilson Band
October 2017:Band:
1st OctoberVamp
8th OctoberThe Alligators
15th OctoberCarnival
22nd OctoberLewis Hamilton
29th October3 Legged Cat
September 2017:Band:
3rd SeptemberBrian Rawson Band
10th SeptemberBlueflies
17th September Slack Alice - Cancelled due to illness
24th SeptemberRnFR Band
August 2017:Band:
6th AugustPhil Dean Band
13th AugustRed Butler
20th AugustLol Goodman Band
27th AugustEgypt
July 2017:Band:
2nd JulyJenna Hooson Band
9th JulyThe Della Grants
16th JulyZoe Green Band
23rd JulyRicochet
30th JulyThe Blues Revue
June 2017:Band:
4th JunePaddy Maguire
11th JuneGav Coulson Group
18th JuneJohn Verity Band
25th JuneThe Nicol Band
May 2017:Band:
7th MayAmelia Carter Band
14th MayTom Killner Band
21st MayDo$ch
28th MayMahogany Newt
April 2017:Band:
2nd AprilLewis Hamilton
9th AprilAVIT Blues Band
16th AprilThe Lost Days
23rd AprilGav Coulson Group
30th AprilThe Syndicate
March 2017:Band:
5th MarchSteve Fulsham Band
12th MarchBadlands
19th MarchTony Lewis Band
26th MarchRobin Bibi Band
February 2017:Band:
5th FebruaryElectric Experience
12th FebruarySwear Box
19th FebruaryAsh Wilson Band
26th FebruaryLol Goodman Band
January 2017:Band:
8th JanuaryBlueflies
15th JanuaryCarnival
22nd January3 Legged Cat
29th JanuaryThe Blues Revue
December 2016:Band:
4th DecemberAmelia Carter Band
11th DecemberThe Nicol Band
18th DecemberVamp
30th DecemberMahogany Newt
November 2016:Band:
6th NovemberJenna Hooson Band
13th NovemberTom Killner Band
20th NovemberJohn Verity Band
27th NovemberDo$ch
October 2016:Band:
2nd OctoberPaddy Maguire
9th OctoberLewis Hamilton
16th OctoberSteve Fulsham Band
23rd OctoberRed Butler
30th OctoberSwear Box
September 2016:Band:
4th SeptemberSteve Fulsham Band
11th SeptemberRhythm Zoo
18th SeptemberLittle Bigwood
25th SeptemberSugarman Sam and the Voodoo Men
August 2016:Band:
7th AugustFahrenheit
14th AugustPhil Dean Band
21st AugustLol Goodman Band
28th AugustEgypt
July 2016:Band:
3rd JulyThe Nicol Band
10th JulyCarnival
17th JulyThe Blues Revue
24th JulyAVIT Blues Band
31st JulyVamp
June 2016:Band:
5th JuneThe Rainbreakers
12th June3 Legged Cat
19th JuneMaison Rouge
26th JuneThe Matt Black Band
May 2016:Band:
1st MayJohn Verity Band
8th MayDo$ch
15th MayTom Killner Band
22nd MayAmelia Carter
29th MayBlueflies
April 2016:Band:
3rd AprilLittle Bigwood
10th AprilLaughing Gravy
17th AprilMahogany Newt
24th AprilGav Coulson Group
March 2016:Band:
6th MarchLewis Hamilton
13th MarchNorthsyde
20th MarchRhythm Zoo
27th MarchSteve Fulsham Band
February 2016:Band:
7th FebruaryThe Nicol Band
14th FebruaryThe Kahunas
21st FebruaryEgypt
28th FebruaryPaddy Maguire
January 2016:Band:
3rd JanuaryVamp
10th JanuaryCarnival
17th JanuaryThe Detonators
24th JanuaryAVIT Blues Band
31st JanuaryElectric Experience
December 2015:Band:
6th DecemberCold Flame
13th DecemberMaison Rouge
20th DecemberSwear Box
27th DecemberSix Inch Subs
November 2015:Band:
1st NovemberDo$ch
8th NovemberAmelia Carter
15th November3 Legged Cat
22nd NovemberTom Killner Band
29th NovemberPaddy Maguire
October 2015:Band:
4th OctoberCry Baby & the Hoochie Coochie Boys
11th OctoberMahogany Newt
18th OctoberGav Coulson Group
25th OctoberSteve Fulsham Band
September 2015:Band:
6th SeptemberLewis Hamilton Band
13th SeptemberNorthsyde
20th SeptemberRich Kershaw & the Night Shift
27th SeptemberThe Jeffery Brothers
August 2015:Band:
2nd AugustSnakewater
9th AugustSwamp Dog
16th AugustThe Nicol Band
23rd AugustSix Inch Subs
30th AugustEgypt
July 2015:Band:
5th JulyVamp
12th JulySlack Alice
19th JulySwear Box
26th JulyAVIT Blues Band
June 2015:Band:
7th JuneCarnival
14th JuneRhythm Zoo
21st JuneElectric Experience
28th JuneProg Doctors
May 2015:Band:
3rd MaySteve Fulsham Band
10th MayTom Killner Band
17th MayRodger
24th MayCold Flame
31st MayPaddy Maguire
April 2015:Band:
5th AprilDo$ch
12th AprilAmelia Carter
19th AprilMaison Rouge
26th AprilMahogany Newt
March 2015:Band:
1st MarchBlueflies
8th MarchThe Nicol Band
15th MarchCry Baby & the Hoochie Coochie Boys
22nd March3 Legged Cat
29th MarchBen Miles
February 2015:Band:
1st FebruaryGav Coulson Band
8th FebruaryEgypt
15th FebruarySnakewater
22nd FebruaryLewis Hamilton Band
January 2015:Band:
4th JanuaryVyndictive
11th JanuaryVamp
18th JanuarySwear Box
25th JanuaryAVIT Blues Band
December 2014:Band:
7th DecemberNorthsyde
14th DecemberRodger
Friday 19th DecemberThe Idle Hands
28th DecemberBen Miles - Cancelled due to bad weather
November 2014:Band:
2nd NovemberPaddy Maguire
9th NovemberSean Webster
16th NovemberLaughing Gravy
23rd NovemberProg Doctors
30th NovemberCarnival
October 2014:Band:
5th OctoberCold Flame
12th OctoberAmelia Carter
19th OctoberTom Killner Band
26th OctoberElectric Experience
September 2014:Band:
7th SeptemberDo$ch
14th SeptemberMarcus Malone
21st SeptemberLaurence Jones
28th SeptemberBlueflies
August 2014:Band:
3rd AugustRhythm Zoo
10th AugustEgypt
17th AugustSteve Fulsham Band
24th AugustSwear Box
31st AugustMahogany Newt
July 2014:Band:
6th JulyThe Nervous Trigger Men
13th JulySnakewater
20th JulyVyndictive
27th July3 Legged Cat
June 2014:Band:
1st JuneTantrum
8th JuneVamp
15th JuneRodger
22nd JuneIdle Hands
29th JuneNorthsyde
May 2014:Band:
4th MaySean Webster
11th MayBuzzard
18th MayCold Flame
25th MayGav Coulson Group
April 2014:Band:
6th AprilTom Killner Band
13th AprilAbsolution
20th AprilDo$ch
27th AprilAVIT Blues Band
March 2014:Band:
2nd MarchMarv White Blues Band
9th MarchElectric Experience
16th MarchDerrin Nauendorf
23rd MarchAmelia Carter
30th MarchTea
February 2014:Band:
2nd FebruarySteve Fulsham Band
9th FebruaryEgypt
16th FebruaryBlueflies
23rd FebruaryEmerald
January 2014:Band:
5th JanuaryVenue Closed
12th JanuaryLaughing Gravy
19th JanuaryCry Baby & the Hoochie Coochie Boys
26th JanuaryMahogany Newt
December 2013:Band:
1st December3 Legged Cat
8th DecemberSam Kelly's Station House
15th DecemberVamp
22nd DecemberThe Idle Hands
29th DecemberPaddy Maguire + Hooson
November 2013:Band:
3rd NovemberProg Doctors
10th NovemberDo$ch
17th NovemberGav Coulson Group
24th NovemberBuzzard
October 2013:Band:
6th OctoberAmelia Carter Band
13th OctoberNorthsyde
20th OctoberSlack Alice
27th OctoberSix Inch Subs
September 2013:Band:
1st SeptemberElectric Experience
8th SeptemberEgypt
15th SeptemberBlueflies
22nd SeptemberLaurence Jones Band
29th SeptemberStuart James Band
August 2013:Band:
4th AugustLaughing Gravy
11th AugustSnakewater
18th AugustRob Holmes Band
25th AugustTom Killner Band
July 2013:Band:
7th JulyMarv White Blues Band
14th JulyAVIT Blues Band
21st JulyCarnival
28th JulyVamp
June 2013:Band:
2nd JuneHealers
9th JuneIdle Hands
16th JuneThe Mentulls
23rd JuneBuzzard
30th JuneThe Nicol Band
May 2013:Band:
5th MayBare Bones Boogie Band
12th MayCold Flame
19th MayP-A-U-L Lamb + Paddy Maguire + Jenna Hooson
26th MayMahogany Newt
April 2013:Band:
7th April3 Legged Cat
14th AprilSteve Fulsham Band
21st AprilDo$ch
28th AprilBobby Grant & His Partners In Crime
March 2013:Band:
3rd MarchSloe Gin
10th MarchTea
17th MarchAmelia Carter Band
24th MarchLaurence Jones Band
31st MarchEgypt
February 2013:Band:
3rd FebruaryJenna Hooson
10th FebruaryRodger
17th FebruaryThe 6 Inch Subs
24th FebruaryEmerald
January 2013:Band:
6th JanuaryBlueflies
13th JanuaryVamp
20th JanuaryMarv White Blues Band
27th JanuaryAVIT Blues Band
December 2012:Band:
2nd December

P-A-U-L Lamb & the Detroit Breakdown

+ Paddy Maguire feat. Jenna Hooson

9th DecemberGav Coulson Group
16th DecemberMahogany Newt
23rd DecemberThe Idle Hands
30th DecemberStuart James Band
November 2012:Band:
4th NovemberEmerald
11th NovemberCry Baby & the Hoochie Coochie Boys
18th NovemberCold Flame
25th NovemberRoadhouse
October 2012:Band:
7th OctoberKahunas
14th OctoberSteve Fulsham Band
21st OctoberThe Carnival
28th OctoberMarcus Malone
September 2012:Band:
2nd SeptemberSlack Alice
9th SeptemberHoward Smith & the Razors
16th SeptemberRob Holmes Band
23rd SeptemberBuzzard
30th SeptemberDo$ch
August 2012:Band:
5th AugustVamp
12th AugustHooson
19th AugustRodger
26th AugustEgypt
July 2012:Band:
1st JulyPaddy Maguire
8th JulyKrissy Matthews
15th JulyThe Mentulls
22nd JulyNo Band
29th JulyAVIT Blues Band
June 2012:Band:
3rd JuneBare Bones Boogie Band
10th JuneMahogany Newt
17th JunePaddy Maguire
24th JuneSnakewater
May 2012:Band:
6th MayIdle Hands
13th MayCold Flame
20th MayTea
27th May Amelia Carter Band
April 2012:Band:
1st AprilSteve Fulsham Band
8th AprilEmerald
15th AprilI Am President
22nd AprilGav Coulson Group
29th AprilBlueflies
March 2012:Band:
4th MarchEgypt
11th MarchThe Carnival
18th MarchCrafty Jack
25th MarchHoward Smith & the Razors
February 2012:Band:
5th FebruaryHealers
12th FebruaryHooson
19th FebruaryMutz Nutz
26th FebruaryRodger
January 2012:Band:
8th JanuaryVamp
15th JanuaryDerrin Nauendorf
22nd JanuaryElectric Experience
29th JanuaryMahogany Newt
December 2011:Band:
4th DecemberSuite Zero
11th DecemberSnakewater
18th DecemberThe Idle Hands
26th December
Paddy Maguire Band
November 2011:Band:
6th NovemberJay Tamkin
13th NovemberMag7
20th NovemberCold Flame
27th NovemberBuzzard
October 2011:Band:
2nd OctoberSteve Fulsham Band
9th OctoberVirgil & the Accelerators
16th OctoberGav Coulson Group
23rd OctoberNick Davies
30th OctoberBlueflies
September 2011:Band:
4th SeptemberNick Davies Band
11th SeptemberMarcus Malone
18th SeptemberDo$ch
25th SeptemberPhil Brodie Band
August 2011:Band:
7th AugustEgypt
14th AugustMutz Nutz
21st AugustKahunas
28th AugustHooson
July 2011:Band:
3rd JulyLaughing Gravy
10th JulySuite Zero
17th JulyMahogany Newt
24th JulyCharlie Don’t Surf
31st JulyI Am President
June 2011:Band:
5th JuneSnakewater
12th JuneIdle Hands Band
19th JuneRodger
26th juneMag 7
May 2011:Band:
1st MayPaddy Maguire Band
8th MayTommy Allen Band
15th MayVamp
22nd MaySteve French Band
29th MayNick Davies Band
April 2011:Band:
3rd AprilDo$ch
10th AprilSteve Fulsham Band
17th AprilGrey Cooper Blues Experience
24th AprilRoadhouse
March 2011:Band:
6th MarchJon Strong Band
13th MarchNew Device + James Warner Prophecies
20th MarchBuzzard
27th MarchPhil Brodie Band
February 2011:Band:
6th FebruaryHealers
13th FebruaryHooson
20th FebruaryEgypt
27th FebruaryBlueflies
January 2011:Band:
2nd JanuaryNick Davies Band
9th JanuarySuite Zero
16th JanuaryMahogany Newt
23rd JanuaryCold Flame
30th JanuaryCarnival
December 2010:Band:
5th DecemberCancelled due to bad weather.
12th DecemberVamp
19th DecemberIdle Hands
26th DecemberMag 7
November 2010:Band:
7th NovemberThe Ash Wilson Band
14th NovemberInvisible Idols
21st NovemberRodger
28th NovemberThe Paddy Maguire Band
October 2010:Band:
3rd OctoberPhil Brodie Band
10th OctoberElectric Experience
17th OctoberBrown Bottle Band
24th OctoberDave Jackson Band
31st OctoberSam Kelly's Station House
September 2010:Band:
5th SeptemberNick Davies Band
12th SeptemberDerrin Nauendorf with Carus Thompson
19th SeptemberScott McKeon
26th SeptemberSteve French Band
August 2010:Band:
1st AugustJon Strong Band
8th AugustJohnny H. Band
15th AugustFeed Me
22nd AugustThe Healers
29th AugustGrey Cooper Blues Experience
July 2010:Band:
4th JulyTrafficker
11th JulyWarrior
18th JulySnakewater
25th JulyDo$ch
June 2010:Band:
6th JuneThe Idle Hands
13th JuneSmoking Hogs
20th JuneMag 7
27th JuneKahunas
May 2010:Band:
2nd MayEgypt
9th MaySean Webster
16th MaySuite Zero
23rd MayCold Flame
30th MayBuzzard
April 2010:Band:
4th AprilElectric Experience
11th AprilDave Jackson Band
18th AprilHoward Smith & the Razors
25th AprilMahogany Newt
March 2010:Band:
7th MarchVamp
14th MarchTantrum
21st MarchRodger
28th MarchMr Vagabond
February 2010:Band:
7th FebruaryStagefright
14th FebruaryJohnny H Band
21st FebruaryChantel McGregor
28th FebruarySteve French Band
January 2010:Band:
3rd JanuaryCarnival
10th JanuaryIdle Hands
17th JanuaryWarrior
24th JanuaryMojo
31st JanuaryDo$ch
December 2009:Band:
6th DecemberArizona
13th DecemberMag7
20th DecemberIdle Hands
27th Decemberthe Brown Bottle Band
November 2009:Band:
1st NovemberBlues Blasters
8th NovemberPhil Brodie Band
15th NovemberSmokin' Hogs
22nd NovemberSuite Zero
29th NovemberSlack Alice
October 2009:Band:
4th OctoberElectric Experience
11th OctoberHoward Smith & the Razors
18th OctoberDerrin Nauendorf
25th OctoberSean Webster
September 2009:Band:
6th SeptemberBuzzard
13th SeptemberRodger
20th SeptemberTantrum with Jesse Davey
27th SeptemberFreefold
August 2009:Band:
2nd AugustEgypt
9th AugustMag7
16th AugustJay Tamkin Band
23rd AugustFeed Me
30th AugustBrown Bottle Band
July 2009:Band:
5th JulyVoodoo Van Boogie
12th JulyDo$ch
19th JulyStagefright
26th Julythe Al Brown Band
June 2009:Band:
7th JuneIdle Hands
14th JuneMag7
21st JuneSam Kelly
28th Junethe Steve French band
May 2009:Band:
3rd MayCarnival
10th MayWarrior
17th MaySuite Zero
24th MaySmokin' Hogs
31st MayBazooka Band
April 2009:Band:
5th AprilHoward Smith & the Razors
12th AprilBlues Blasters
19th AprilElectric Experience
26th AprilPhil Brodie Band
March 2009:Band:
1st MarchRodger
8th MarchMojo
15th MarchJoanne Shaw Taylor
22nd MarchHummingbirds Blues Band
29th MarchBuzzard
February 2009:Band:
1st FebruaryKing King
8th FebruaryMaggie & the Blue Magnetos
15th Februarythe Al Brown Band
22nd FebruaryDerrin Nauendorf
January 2009:Band:
4th JanuaryMagnificent 7
11th JanuarySean Webster
18th JanuaryKickback
25th JanuaryTantrum
December 2008:Band:
7th DecemberSlack Alice
14th DecemberEgypt
21st DecemberCarnival
26th December (Friday) The Outfit - Boxing Night Special
28th December

Phil Brodie Band

November 2008:Band:
2nd NovemberTommy Allen's Trafficker
9th NovemberRodger
16th November


23rd NovemberSuite Zero
30th NovemberIdle Hands
October 2008:Band:
5th OctoberThe Melt
12th OctoberHoward Smith & the Razors
19th OctoberElectric Experience
26th OctoberWarrior
September 2008:Band:
7th SeptemberCENTRE CLOSED
14th SeptemberCENTRE CLOSED
21st SeptemberBazooka Band
28th SeptemberBlues Blasters
August 2008:Band:
3rd AugustDo$ch
10th AugustCarnival
17th AugustThe Unforgiven
July 2008:Band:
6th JulyAl Brown Band
13th JulyPhil Brodie Band
20th JulyTantrum
27th JulyDerrin Nauendorf
June 2008:Band:
1st JuneKickback
8th JuneBuzzard
15th JuneHummingbirds Blues Band
22nd JuneJoanne Shaw Taylor
29th JuneEgypt
May 2008:Band:
4th MayElectric Experience
11th MayWillie Brown's Rhythm Method
18th MaySuite Zero
25th MayWarrior
April 2008:Band:
6th AprilHoward Smith & the Razors
13th AprilIdle Hands
20th AprilTraitors Gate
27th AprilLaughing Gravy
March 2008:Band:
2nd MarchDo$ch
9th MarchEddie Tatton Band
16th MarchBrown Bottle Band
23rd MarchBlues Blasters
30th MarchSean Webster
February 2008:Band:
3rd FebruaryMaggie and the Blue Magnetos
10th FebruaryFandago Bros
17th FebruaryThe Melt
24th FebruaryMagnificent 7
January 2008:Band:
6th JanuaryKickback
13th JanuaryTantrum
20th JanuaryPhil Brodie Band
27th JanuaryEgypt
December 2007:Band:
2nd Decembertbc
9th DecemberTraitors Gate
15th Decembertbc
23rd DecemberDanny Bryants Redeye Band
November 2007:Band:
4th NovemberWillie Browns Rhythm Method
11th NovemberSam Kelly
18th NovemberJoanne Shaw Taylor
25th NovemberElectric Experience
October 2007:Band:
7th OctoberEmerald
14th OctoberSean Webster
21st OctoberIdle Hands
28th OctoberHoward Smith & the Razors